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“Bird’s Eye View of the Bible” is a quick journey through bible foundations.   It has 9 chapters with about 10 pages in each chapter, concluding with 12 testimonies from people whose life has been transformed.  The book emphasizes the importance of developing a personal relationship with God.  It provides a working knowledge of God’s Word and understanding regarding His absolute standards.  It is an excellent choice for small groups, one on one discipling or as a mentoring tool.   In spite of busyness in our lives, most people want answers to important questions.  How did life begin?  Why do we have to die?  What happens to me when I die?  Is there life after death?  What should be my focus in life?  Where can I find answers – is the Bible true?  Do all roads lead to heaven?  What is the truth?  Does God really exist?

The book has 12 testimonies of people from all walks of life:


Larry Locke:  From drugs and despair to an ordained minister

Jack Hollingsworth:  Homeless and hopeless until Christ came into his life

Assurance Ministries (pregnancy help center):  April almost aborted her son and Walter’s baby was aborted.

Mona Abbott:  Healed from sexual brokenness and homosexuality

Eric Barger:  From drugs, New Age, and now a Christian

Josh McDowell:  Agnostic, became a believer trying to prove the Bible false

Pete Arunpullop:  Christ transformed his Buddhist Heritage

Dan Rosensohn:  born a Jew and became a Messianic Jew

James Walker:  A 4th generation Morman now a Christian

Paul Blizard:  A 3rd generation JW and became a Christian Minister of Memorial Baptist church

Orpah Hicks:  Was a cultural Christain until Jesus touched her life

Jean Eason:  Was a 3rd generation Jehovah’s Witness, now a Christian.


This book challenges the reader to pursue the Father's mandate, the Great Commission, with enormous potential to train and disciple pastor and parishioner alike in foundations of biblical truth and evangelism. If you're looking for a quick journey through bible foundations, to find ways of sharing more faithfully and effectively what He's done in your life, and quite honestly, have a passion for something that is less methodology and more of a clarion call to Jesus, this one's a must addition to your personal or small group/cell studies. SS classes or Christian Education ministries. Multitudes stand at the valley of decision. Whether it is you searching an honest approach to truth, or a friend needing to find their way to the straight and narrow, this book will both impact and impart.

-Joseph S. Girdler, Superintendent

Kentucky District Council of the Assemblies of God

Bird's-Eye View of the Bible is a great resource for anyone seeking to know more about God and the Christian faith, or as a guide while discipling or witnessing to a friend. This book is a scripturally based work that covers multiple aspects of our faith and how it is lived out historically and in today's society.

Rev. John Edgar Harris

Student Minister & Director of Communications, Glynwood Baptist Church, Prattville, AL

I wish we had this little book when we were first saved! I believe this will be a great tool in helping new believers get grounded in the faith and create a desire for more. This book takes the building blocks of Christianity and makes them simple and understandable.

Paul Blizard

Senior Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, Beckley, WV

This is a masterful job! May this be just the tool we need to win and then disciple people for our Lord Jesus. It will be exciting to see how God uses it. It is true, great things come in small packages. This is powerful.

Dr. Charles Love

Grace Bible Church, Silver Lakes, CA

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This book is a terrific resource. The testimonies are uplifting, its evangelistic thrust is terrific and the book confronts the growing problem of illiteracy about the faith head on. This is exactly what so many in the Body of Christ desperately need in our day. The book is a superb "nuts and bolts" resource that I feel sure will be used by many. I am so glad to be able to recommend it and to participate in the project.

Eric Barger

Founder, Take A Stand! Ministries, Rowlett, TX

I highly recommend this book as a witnessing tool. It covers the fundamentals of the Christian faith in a non-denominational and non-threatening way that should open the door for conversations with those who are unfamiliar with the Bible and with the central doctrines of Christianity.

Dr. David R. Reagan

Lamb & Lion Ministries

This will be a very useful resource for new Christians and seekers who are seriously looking for a real, deep and lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. I am doubly blessed that the authors are wonderful members of my congregation!

Phil Roberts

Senior Minister, Hill-n-Dale Christian Church, Lexington, KY

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