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What is a Cultural Christian?

     A Cultural Christian has contrived a personal set of values by which they judge themselves acceptable before God. Cultural Christianity is impotent and has little or no impact on the values and beliefs of society. The Cultural Christian tends to have a shallow understanding of God and thus pursue the God they want rather than the God who is. These people refer to themselves as Christians saying they believe in the existence of God; yet are confused about Who God is (a person, place or thing). 

     Those who do not hold a biblical worldview do not perceive themselves "as sinners separated from God." They may have a mental list of acceptable and unacceptable behavior in their mind that qualifies them as a good moral person of value, rather than a bad, evil, worthless or lost person.

     Those who are not biblically knowledgeable do not understand God’s absolute standards. They may not believe there is absolute truth. They may go to church on occasion or believe church attendance establishes that they are Christians. They may be moved to pray when they have a need and perhaps have been baptized as a child or adult. They may believe in heaven and hell but have no understanding of who the Biblical Jesus is. They do not realize that salvation comes through Jesus alone and He (God in the flesh) makes salvation available for all who choose to follow Him.

     THE CHALLENGE : Become a seeker for "truth." There is a vast difference between acknowledging the existence of God than having a relationship with Him. ". . . you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32).

     WHO IS A CHRISTIAN? Webster’s dictionary says a Christian is a believer in the Biblical Jesus Christ as Savior, a believer in the historical and divine significance of Jesus Christ and follower of his teaching and example.

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