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Recommended for Good Christian Teaching





For the ex-jw first time taking in a Christian commentary, I recommend J. Vernon McGee

Here is a list of all his commentaries in Audio:


Here is a list on the Gospel of John:


For ex-jws who need help dealing with emotional issues of leaving a false gospel, and seeking truth in the scriptures, I recommend Dr. Walter Martin commentaries.


Brother Martin is apologetics 101 for the Christian ex-jw, and his responses are what main-stream apologetics use in arguments against Watchtower Society Theology. ***The Gospel of John is quote a LOT in his apologetic responces.


"How To Witness To A Jehovah's Witness"

For over 30 years Expert Custody Consultants has provided a highly-strategized and field-tested approach for our clients and their attorneys. This unparalleled strategy rescues children from the severe psychological and physical endangerment within the Jehovah's Witnesses cult. While our long-time winning experience in this specialized area of child custody cases causes the Watchtower Society to fear our involvement in such cases, our clients rejoice in the new-found freedom their precious children come to know.

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