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God's Covenants With Man

     A “covenant” is an agreement that binds two parties. An understanding of covenant is an essential bible study.God has always dealt with mankind through covenant. We are currently living under the “new covenant in Christ Jesus.” It is through the true personage of Jesus, God the Son, the second person of the Holy Trinity, that believers place their faith and trust in “our covenant-keeping God” for our eternal life in a new heaven and earth. More people are familiar with the term “prophecy” [prewritten history] than “covenant” which has to do with God’s promise and keeping of that promise. Covenant is the unshakable guarantee of what God promised to mankind.Dr. David Reagan explains over and over again that the fanatical date setting of some people, for the “return of Jesus” diverts people"s attention from Jesus (and covenant promise) to the set date. It builds expectations that will be shattered by disappointment. What we need to keep in mind is that although we cannot know the date of the Lord"s return, we can discern the signs of the times [know the season]. By season, Dr. Reagan doesn’t mean a three month period of time like spring or fall. He is talking about a general time period. Dr. Reagan has published a comprehensive “Christ in Prophecy Study Guide,” as well as several books, numerous articles, charts, and “Lamplighter magazine.”

“Our Covenant God” by Kay Arthur is an excellent book explaining the biblical covenants.

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum [Ariel Ministries] has a study on “The eight Covenants of the Bible.”

The Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible prepared by a team of biblical scholars that have endeavored to comment on every predictive passage in a manner faithful to the historical-grammatical exegesis of the biblical text has many articles including “God’s Covenants with Man,” charts and instruction on “How to study Bible Prophecy.”

The Truth Project by Del Tacket through the Focus on the Family is a 13 part world class DVD series on the subject of worldview. You can look for a group nearest you on their site or request a group at your church view this series.

Brannon Howse founder of American Family Policy Institute and Worldview. Brannon"s books focus on civil government, education, economic, public policy, family and Christian worldview topics.



I. DISCOVERY: What do you see?

  • Eight Covenants (unbreakable promises made by God to humanity) in the Bible

  1. Edenic Covenant

  2. Adamic Covenant

  3. Noahic Covenant

  4. Abrahamic Covenant

  5. Mosaic Covenant

  6. Land (Palestinian) Covenant

  7. Davidic Covenant

  8. The New Covenant

II. UNDERSTANDING:  What does it mean?

  • Understand that God has always dealt with mankind through Covenant.

  1. That God has progressively revealed His desire for a relationship with mankind collimating in the person of Jesus Christ the mediator of the new covenant.

  2. That the New Covenant redemption extended to mankind abundantly shows God’s love for all humanity.

  3. Jesus Christ (God the Son) is the only mediator between God and mankind.  A restored relationship with God is available only in Jesus Christ (the New Covenant).

  • Understand that the Bible contains the historical account of the greatest event in human history, the New Covenant promise of God Himself.  Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) has opened the way to heaven (God’s presence) and is available for all humanity.

  1. That which has been revealed to us through the Bible is understood by faith.  All things that are beyond the scope of human observation and experience whether science or religion are understood by faith.

  2. Personal obedience to the revealed will of God is the way a believer expresses his love for God.

  • Understand that God has offered a bright shining future to all people in Christ, the New Covenant promise.

  1. Prophesy (prewritten history) has been very precisely fulfilled to date in history.

  2. Our generation is an exciting prophetic decade.  Many believe we are in the season of Christ’s return for we are observing the prophetic predictions of long ago come to pass in our lifetime.

  3. Jesus said, He is coming back to planet earth.  The Bible teaches that His return is imminent (can happen at any time), meaning no prophecy must be fulfilled for Him to return. 

III. LIFE APPLICATION:   How does it work?

  • Enter into the New Covenant Promise in Christ Jesus

  • When an individual has chosen to join/enter into this New Covenant with God in Christ Jesus and attends a Church/Worship Service, he/she has an opportunity to participate in a “Communion Service” which is a time of   remembrance that God has made this covenant promise; you have entered into it with Him; have been redeemed for eternity.

Recommended Reading:

Our Covenant God” by Kay Arthur

Examine the Evidence” by Josh McDowell

Two Covenants” by Andrew Murray publish 1898

Covenant and Creation” by W .J. Dumbrell

The Blood Covenant” by H. Clay Trumbull

The Blood Covenant” by E. W. Kenyon

Peace Child” by Don Richardson

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