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Jean Eason

As a third generation Jehovah’s Witness I truly believed with all my heart that I was “in the Truth.” We were faithful JW’s in everything expected of us. I’m so very thankful for the library I inherited from a JW relative. After reading through what seemed like hundreds of books, I questioned why God had changed His mind so many times! I realized I was not following God, but a group of men in Brooklyn who misinterpreted the Bible. I literally studied my way out of the JW organization and began a search for truth. I believed accurate knowledge was found in definitions: the new earth, soul, hell and Trinity. Finally, I learned Who the true person of Jesus is – He is the Truth! (John 14:6). I accepted Jesus and Him only as my mediator, my Lord and Savior. You can read my testimony book “A Jehovah’s Witness Finds the Truth" on this site.

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Orpah Hicks

My roots and early education are in the Appalachian area of KY. My family believed in God and were very patriotic Americans who lived their lives in service to the community in which we lived. At age eleven, I was baptized because I feared hell, yet had very little, if any, understanding about Jesus. The truth is we were“cultural Christians.” I don’t recall having family devotions or Bible study at home; therefore, I didn’t have a relationship with God. My marriage and giving birth to my daughter produced the perfect storm -- the demands of making a marriage work and motherhood produced the crises that sent me to my knees before Almighty God. Through Bible study I learned that all have sinned including me. Then I invited Jesus to come into my life (He touched me – remember that song!) and my life changed. 

David Patrick

(with his wife, Kay)

At the age of 14, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. But Satan grabbed me right away. Matthew 13:19 says it this way: "When anyone hears the word and does not understand it, the wicked one comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart.”  I did not have a chance to mature as a Christian before Satan snatched me away.  Shortly after being saved I began to attend a Church called the Worldwide Church of God. It would take me about 20 years to find out I was in a cult. God opened my eyes through the Holy Spirit and now it is close to 20 years I have been out of the cult. I thank God every day He showed me the way!

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Tammy Moore

As the daughter of a Baptist preacher, I grew up in a Christian home. We attended church several times a week, so I heard the message of salvation many times. I accepted Christ and was baptized at the age of 5. I always loved Bible stories, but was never taught the fundamentals. After I married and had a family of my own, I began to search for the “reason” for what I believed. I had a real drive to learn and attended many Bible studies. One study that made a huge impact on my life was called “Defending the Faith”. This gave me a fire to reach those that didn’t know Christ – especially those that believed in “another gospel.” I joined Tutors for Christ which strives to share the message that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

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Peggy Legg

I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness from age 5. I felt the controlling grip of the organization through my high school years. I watched as other students made plans for college for their chosen careers, but members of the congregation planned my life for me, and I was expected to live their plan. I knew that a high school diploma was necessary to getting any kind of job, but was constantly threatened with being forced to quit school any time I showed signs of “independent thinking.” I learned that questioning anything they taught had consequences. Life consisted of daily walking a tight rope, saying and doing enough of what they demanded, just to make it through one more day. Leaning the true identity of Christ changed everything!

Geneva Anderson

I am the oldest of eight Children, and I lived until I was six years with my loving grandmother in Corbin, KY who taught me to love and trust Jesus. I became a military wife, attended church wherever my husband was stationed.  I divorced, move back to KY.  Through my friendship with Jenny and bible study I became acquainted with Jean Eason who invited me to HND where I reaffirmed my commitment to Christ and was baptized perhaps 20 years ago.  Through Women’s Aglow, regional and 25 national conferences I have met people from all over the world and as I listened to their testimonies I found them to be a great source of spiritual strength.  I am currently involved with an Aglow chapter in Lexington and serve as a Hostess.  Jean was speaker at one of the Lexington Aglow meetings where we rekindled our friendship.  I became part of the Tutors for Christ Ministry through their “Buddy Connection” outreach. 

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Jeff Koch

I grew up in a Christian Family.  But, I think I just barely believed.  In fact a lot of the time, it meant more to me to be considered funny or clever than it did to follow Jesus.  I still enjoy humor.  But, I find the Lord in my mind and my heart much more now.  I’d pray once in a while, but I never really gave Him credit for His answers.  I can’t remember when I did not believe that Jesus is my savior. But now, I see Him in all things and many events.  He didn’t come with a big bang; He came gently and yet more persuasively as time went on. “Coming around” to a more Bible centered set of beliefs came when we began attending Hill N Dale Christian Church.  I still have a long way to go, but I feel I’ve set my path in the right direction.

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