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Defining Worldview

The definition of worldview according to Webster’s Dictionary: Worldview is a comprehensive interpretation or image of the universe and humanity.
A person’s philosophical view of human existence, understanding of biblical prophecy, and the events of our times make up elements of our worldview. For further education on this subject see the following:  



Everyone has a worldview, yet most do not realize they have one. Worldview has become an important means to aid Christians in understanding and defending their Christian Faith.The most logical, clear, consistent, harmonious worldview is the biblical worldview. 

Worldview Comparisons

Christian Worldview

A Future Hope

Divine Creation

Purposeful Design

Intricate Order

Infinite God

Life from Life

God Creator



True Bible

God"s Purpose

Absolutes Exist

Mutations are Harmful

Relatively Young Earth

Civilization From Start

Degenerate Man


Evolutionary Worldview


Spontaneous Generation

Random Accidental Order

Chaotic mistakes

Infinite Odds

Life from Non-Life

Time = Creator



True Theories

No Purpose


Mutations are Beneficial

Extremely Old Earth

Slow Development of Civilization

Man getting Better

Everything is relative

Comparative list from Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis R. Petersen

What do you believe about God, the universe and humanity?There are two beliefs about the origin of the universe.Either matter is eternal and somehow formed into a universe by itself or a Supreme Being is eternal and created the universe.The most ancient reliable manuscript we have is the Bible. Genesis 1:1 states, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”Genesis 1:26-27 states, “He [God] created mankind in His own image.”The mathematical odds tell us that it is impossible – that what exists – is the result of “random accidental order” or “chaotic mistakes.”It is not logical that “life came from non-life.”

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